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    Award requirements for the Guards Badge

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    Hello Gentlemen,

    i would like to know, which were the requirements to get a Guards-badge? Did the soldier has to distinguish himself or did all members of Guards-Units get one?

    Thanks in advance

    all the best,


    Mere assignment to a Guards unit entitled one to the title "Guards" and the right to wear the badge. I have never seen more detailed regulations concerning time assigned, revocation of a Guards badge, etc. but the Soviets may not have ever written them or exercised them arbitrarily.

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    The Guards were born in the summer and automn of 1941 near Smolensk and Yelnya. because of the heavy fighting and heroic deeds, some of the infantry divisions attained the status of guards. On 21 May 1942, the Guards were officially recognized and a breast plate was introduced. The Guards were paid more than the normal troops.

    Reference: Borisov's book

    So, from what I was able to translate, it would seem that the division would obtain the Guards status for experience and combat feats.

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