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    At Last! Brodie Mia!

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    Chris - I know these old Brodies have gone-up quite substantially in recent years - and you obviously like the unrestored condition - however, I would not have thought them to be that rare in Europe - particularly, France ?


    I think to find them in good condition anywhere is scarce. This has almost all of its original finish, and the liner is in really, really good shape, ditto for strap.

    The discoloration is actually the remains of dirt. Now, its about 95 years old, so we can suppose... but it is either original dirt, or its kids were playing dirt.... either way, it is ooold dirt.

    What I like about this is there is no real aging to it... if a guy had worn it in the war and packed it in his bag on the 12th of November 1918... it would have looked just like it did now...

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    Chris - I like your helmet, but a lot of the public don't like things not to be as new. I am endlessly explaining that if a piece of silver is over 100 years old , then it must be expected to show a little wear. Unfortunately, the Jo'burg 'kugels' like everything shiny new...

    Do you want a WW2 helmet to go with this ? South African desert finish and with the three holes for either netting or, neck protector.

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