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    Japanese Badge


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    I will be the first to admit I know zip about Japanese items. but I have a friend who is a serious student of their swords and I thought it would make a nifty gift. Exactly what is this and what would the approximate value be? Thanks much!! Rick

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    Hi Rick,

    this is a very (the attention is with very) simple reproduction of the Japanese "Gensui - " or "Marshal's Badge".

    The badge was created in 1898 "..and was conferred on distinguished generals and admirals." On the reverse the date of the award is engraved. The dbadge was worn on the right chest side (same way as the graduate badge of the military academy).

    For more detailed information have a look at:

    - James W. Peterson, Orders and Medals of Japan and Associated States, Page 85-86

    - Andreas Thies, Angebotsliste Winter 1988/89, Offer No. 42 (detailed reverse picture)

    ...or ask me :-)

    The approximate value is what ever do you want to give for a reproduction...

    Best regards and merry christmas


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