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  1. Hello Gentlemen, I am trying to identify this cloth badge which I believe to be British. Not sure if it is military or civilian. Thanks for helping me. Cheers Bill
  2. Hello Bayern, Yes, sure. Height is 30 mm and width is 28 mm. Cheers Bill
  3. Hello again, I hope these photos will be alright. Cheers Bill
  4. Hello Linas, The badge below the print by Carl Vernet is neither a French medal nor a French military badge, in fact I am not even sure it is French. Could you please make a close up photo of the coat of arms. Cheers Bill
  5. Hello Gentlemen, Thanks for your comments, I will try to make some better pictures. Cheers Bill
  6. Good evening gentlemen, Sorry for this late reply. Many thanks to you Paul for this identification. Cheers Bill
  7. Hello Bayern, Thanks for replying. Do you know of any other "British made" badges of the Brazilian or Mexican armies ? Cheers Bill
  8. Good evening gentlemen, I need your help identifying a skull badge (the bright one). Is it a fake of the german skull (I have put one in comparison, sorry for the vert-de-gris) or is it a re-use in some foreign country (maybe South-america) of the german pattern of this skull badge ? Eyes and nose are not hollowed out. Cheers Bill
  9. Good evening gentlemen, I was lucky to be able to add this few badges to my collection : Cheers Bill
  10. Good evening gentlemen, I need your help to identify this Russian badge I have just found in a flea market. I think the back plate and the bolt (both in silver) come from another badge. It is possible that this badge is not military, maybe some kind of school or technological institute ? Anyway it is not in werlich's book "Badges of Imperial Russia" nor in Patrikeev's volumes 1 and 2 "the badges of Russia" (unfortunately I don't own volume 3). Sory for the poor quality of the Photos. Cheers. Bill
  11. Hello Gentlemen, Thanks to both of you for your research. I think this silver badge is quite old (1930-50 ?).There is also the possibility that the badge do not refere to Africa but perhaps Asia as there are panthers in Asia as well. Cheers Bill
  12. Hello Bayern, Thanks for this first comment. I thought that the Kudu was the emblem of British Somaliland ? Cheers. Bill
  13. Hello Gentlemen, I need help identifying this badge (made by Firmin - London) which I suspect to be an Officer's badge for some Regiment. Cheers Bill
  14. Good evening JapanX, Many thanks for your response and the identification of the japanese character. Cheers. Bill
  15. Hello Eric, I have no idea why FIA (which stands for Fabrique d'Insignes Artistiques, formerly Augis a Lyon based maker of badges and medals) got the contract to produce those badges. The badge is for the Sport Commitee of the USSR. I believe X, XV, XX stands for 10, 15 or 20 years membership ? Cheers Bill
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