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    What is missing from this unusual bar

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    A recent ebay pick up. The 3 medal bar with a very unusual bar. I have only one other bar like this. The bar has the 1914 EK2 in the middle place but is missing the 2 other medals. The ribbons are for the St. Henry Medal and another Saxon medal. My questions are:

    1. Which St. Henry medal is mssing? Does anyone have a pic of it?

    2. What Saxon medal is missing? i.e. long service, Albert cross ...?

    I would like to restore the bar to its originall condition.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Undoubtedly the Silver Medal of the Saint Henry Order-- despite the Order's name, the profile of the founding King is on it, ponytailed wig like George Washington. Any Saxon enlisted long service would do IX, XII, XV.

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    Hello. I am very interested in this medal mount. Would it be possible to get a reverse image? Also how are the medals/ribons attached? Are the medals attached directly to the bar, or are they connected to the ribbons?

    Thanks in advance,


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