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    I am sure I had post it up here before but after I lost some of my saved materials from my computer, I can't find out anything about it what I had or what feedback was posted...

    So, just for bring some activity around here, maybe knomes like to discuss and "read" it again...

    We have here ribbon bar with the:

    1. EK2

    2. BMVKmS/BMVOmS

    3. 1897 Centenary Medal

    4. Baden Jubilee Medal 1902

    5. Austrian wartime ribbon with the swords (?)

    6. Turkish Iron Crescent

    Looks like not the most common combination and surelly interesting assortment of awards. Am I correct if I say that the owner of this ribbon bar was most likely career officer (missing LS), who served in the army at least from 1897, unit was linked with Baden some how (Baden Jubilee Medal). In this case Bavarian award is most likely BMVO?

    Pin system and fieldgrey material indicates this bar to the WW1 period. Am I correct? Of course lack of WW1 commemorative awards as wellcheeky.gif

    All the best,



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    Thaks guys!jumping.gif

    Because only award from Prussia is EK2 and there isn't many other WW1 awards on it, is it possible that the other medals actually was pin back ones or neck orders? Just odd to have this kind arrey of awards from other states and only one own State ribbon?2014.gif

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    Not to uncommon for a Prussian officer: no pre-war order (KO4 not given routinely to active officers, to young for a RAO4), no HOH3X in WW1 (as those were not given out like candy). Maybe Bavarians felt pity with him, to give him their MVO.


    With the Bavarian ribbon with silver swords, impossible to be a high rank with all orders on the neck. More likely a Hauptmann, or an old Oberleutnant - he has not even a long service award! Possibly a Baden native in a non-Baden unit, therefore with jubilee medal but never saw a Zähringer... poor guy but still a nice bar!


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