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    Started out for the golf course...

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    Hello Everyone,

    We started out for the golf course this morning and ended up at one of the local antiques malls, I can't really explain that one myself. :rolleyes:

    Anyway while there I spotted this TR wound badge and thought it would look good in my collection. It was a black badge back in the day but has seen a lot of wear. I tend to like my TR stuff to look like they have seen some action or at least look think they have been awarded and worn.

    Before I made this post I checked out the "GMIC Project" area and found one that looks just like it, though that one is in nicer condition. Going by this I am confident it is not a reproduction, however, as always I do welcome comments and opinions.

    If this is indeed an original then it has seen a lot of wear. I like how the swastika stands out so plainly.

    I hope you like it.



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    Here is the back of the badge. As can be seen this has been a stamped piece made out of sheet metal and not minted or cast like a medal. I'm not sure which would be the earliest pieces and I hope someone will comment on this. The outer edges have a layer of grunge that would be expected to have come from a uniform along with any dust or dirt that may have been in the air. The pin is blunt and the attachments are the same as the example I found on the GMIC.

    Today was the best day of golf I've never had!

    Thanks for taking a look.



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    Hello Brian

    This looks like a nice original badge with that "been there" look/feel. :cheers:

    Congratulations on getting this "hole in one"! :rolleyes::whistle: (Sorry, that's the best pun I can think of right now):blush:


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