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While I'm not collecting other than Bavarian medals this one got my attention. See how the front side looks old and worn while the back is shiny brand new like if it was not the same bar.

What do you think? Old ribbons mounted and new device?

post-6506-018535300 1285414177_thumb.jpg

post-6506-000509800 1285414187_thumb.jpg

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Please see Tom Yanacek's book "Parade Medal Bars of the Third Reich"; "Medal Bar Mounting Plates and Backing Materials" (Page 12):-

"Steel plates will usually have some type of finish on them. The most commom finish was bright nickle-silver plating. This type of finish is very durable and it remains shiney (almost mirror-like) over the years"

So based on this information and my own opinion of your medal bar I would say it is ok. Nice find. :cheers:

Are you hoping to restore it?

Best wishes


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