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Himself, wearing the egg on M1947 gimnastyorka:


And himself at HQ in M1947 uniform, wearing some sort of "officer of the day" (?) armband at his desk:


How neat is THAT? How often do we get Native Environment photos like this?

The cover of his Honored MVD badge Award Book:


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Makarov's police long service medals award booklet: nothing odd about the initial 1959 bestowal of his 15 years medal


but his 20 on the right hand page shows authorized as of 1965-- yet that entry is dated... 1970!!!

And here is a 1985 photo ID (in police uniform though surely long retired) as a war veteran. The stamp second from top on the right hand page certifies that from THIS he was thereby authorized for a jubilee OPW2! (I've got similar 1985 stamps on such things as a Victory Over Germany award booklet etc)


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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhkay then. NOBODY caught the "shaved ring" typical of 1946-47... being handed out in... 1955! :speechless1: Nicely rounded and not the usual sideways "D" but that type nonetheless.

And oddly enough, I have in my paws today another "shaved circle" MVD/Police MMM... with book dated 1951 and ... no serial number. Of course no serial number-- in 1951! But on a 1946 type medal?

Which is why Comrade Makarov's has THIS as Quite The Surprise on back of HIS, above:


Yup, "1" stamped over "18"



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