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Hello Gentlemen,here is the senior Order of Senegal , the Order of the Lion (sometimes refered as the National Order )

This Order was instituted by Law 60-36 from 22 October 1960,later modified by Law 62-416 from 11 July 1962 and again by Law 64-06 from 24 January 1964.

It's a 5 classes Order : Grand Cross - Grand Officer - Commander - Officer - Knight

There is a maximum number of 5000 Knight,1000 Officers,200 Commanders,100 Grand Officers & 25 Grand Cross.

The Order of the Lion attributed to foreigner are NOT counted into this figure.

In peace time,15 Years of Service are necessary to get awarded Knight of the National Order of the Lion (if you fullfill the criteria).Then 6 more years to be promoted Officer,then 5 years to be promoted Commander,then 4 years to be promoted Grand Officer and at last 3 years to be promoted Grand Cross.

Of course the promotion is NOT automatic.

Following the french tradition,the rank of Grand Officer (displayed here) is the Officer's insignia + a silvered body breast star.

The diameter of the breast star is about 80 millimeters.

His Highness Karim Aga Khan was made Grand Officer of the Order of the Lion in 1982


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