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Artur Becker Medal

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Instituted in 1960 and awarded to members of the FDJ for exemplary service. It was the organisation's highest award, and came in 3 classes (Gold, Silver and Bronze). Like many such awards, it came in 2 types: the first with a metal/enamel suspension, the second with a cloth-covered one.

1st Type, Gold Medal:

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Does this mean that there are THREE types, rather than two?

As in: -

#1: Metal/enamel suspension with stripes on.

#2: Plain metal/enamel suspension.

#3: Cloth-covered suspension.

Had noticed while researching that some of the metal/enamel ones had stripes & some not, but nobody (mostly sales sites) had dated them. Anyone know the dates?

And, lovely pictures, Kevin. Thank you very much :)

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Hi Megan,

there are 4 types.

But for that you need the catalogues from Frank Bartel.

The first type had been awarded from 1960 to 1971. Only the first type had a metal suspension.

The suspension from Post 1 must be (is) a suspension for a Bronze medal.


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