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    Research Heofer's bio and awards

    I know :

    - Preussische Kaiser Wilhelm Erinnerungsmedaille 1897,

    - EK-II,

    - EK-I,

    - Ritterkreuz des Orden d. W?rttembergische Krone mit Schwertern,

    - ?Pour le M?rite? Orden (23 juillet 1916)(4819),

    - Eichenlaub zum ?Pour le M?rite? Orden (14 avril 1918)(E224),

    - Verwundeten Abzeichen in Schwarz,

    - Preussische Offizier Dienstauszeichnung 1. kl.

    - Schlesisches Bew?hrungsabzeichen 2. kl mit Eichenlaub,

    - Schlesisches Bew?hrungsabzeichen 1. kl mit Eichenlaub,

    - Ehrenkreuz des Weltkrieges 1914-1918 mit Schwertern.

    Thanks for help (for other medal in ribbonbar)


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    I can add:

    Red Eagle 3rd class with swords and bow, seen on 3rd place at the Ribbon bar

    Hohenzollern knight with swords on 2nd place

    Southwestafrica medal in steel on the 6th place

    last 2 are a Hamburg Hanseatic cross and the last is the Austrian Military merit cross.

    Where do You have the info from that he received a W?rttemberg Crown knight with swords???

    There was actually a Hoefer who got it but not our plmE guy.

    Karl Julius Rober Hoefer was born 1862, in 1914 LtCol in InfRgt 129, Commanded the 117th Division and finished the war as Commander of Breslau. 25.02.1918 he was promoted MajGen and retired in 1921 as characterized LtGen, Died 1939.

    Best regards


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