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Order of King Zvonimir, 2. class with swords in case of issue.

First the closed case with imprint of the grade of the order.

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And a view inside. The back of the cross is also enameled and has a pin back.

Feel free to show your Croatian stuff here !!!



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On 27/03/2011 at 17:22, eitze said:

Order of King Zvonimir`s Crown - 1. class civil division:


Kroatien - Zvonimir 1. Klasse zivil     .jpg

Good evening, firstly i would like to say that you have a great collection and that your orders are beutiful!

I  just wanted to ask, could you please tell me, is this piece in your collection, as well as the second class you have (which to me look to be of the same manufacturer) made by Braća Knaus? and do you maybe know the date of these pieces, i have been fascinated by this type of King Zvonimir's crown i think it is much more beautiful than the more common version especially this type with the oak leaves as they seem a lot more defined and not so "fat" . These awards seem to have the same crown as some other awards but different style of text , notably the number "4"and a bit of white enamel between the Croatian Braid and the edge of the order, so any information you have would mean the world to me as i am unable to find any copies of Boris Prister or any other author and i am very interested in the order of King Zvonimir's crown but other than private collections and pieces with known origins it's hard to get information on types and variations and for how long each type was being produced.


Thanks so much  in advance, i look forward to hearing from you or someone who happens to know,


Best regards,



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