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  1. Gentlemen, I came here again the day before yesterday and found that the house still exists. And I also saw the old stone bridge Please pay attention to the railings, they still exist. In the past, the scenery here was particularly beautiful. . Now there are people who have bees here. .
  2. I think that on the right side of the Saxony-Eunstin order is the 50th anniversary of the Grand Duchy of Baden in 1902. The last one, I can't see clearly.
  3. Friend, I am honored to discover this article, and I am very happy that you have been active in this forum for so many years. I have just purchased a cross from the Kingdom of Hungary with a mini breast star.
  4. Dear Sir, my friend Chris has recommended you to me. I would like to ask you what you think about my post. I can't find the Hanover August III wedding medal. I need help, but I don't understand German. Thank you


  5. Hello, Mr. Paul. I have a question about the Bulgarian 1887 election commemorative medal, not a Bulgarian, can you get it? For example, German or Austrian-Hungarian can get it? Thank you

  6. Gentlemen, does anyone know if this medal is not for Bulgarians? For example, Austrian-Hungarians can get it?
  7. I don't know why, I am far from the other side of the ocean, and I have a strong interest in these "cold" medals. This article is really old, 2005. . At that time, I was still a child.Very lucky, I see that you are still active in this website.
  8. Gentlemen, I saw this photo in an electronic magazine a few days ago. Obviously, this is an old soldier, but he still wears the Qing Dynasty Ssangyong order that has disappeared for at least twenty years (the Qing Dynasty died in February 1912). Does anyone know his information? It would be best to have his photos before the First World War. Thank you According to the photo, it is the third grade of the double dragon order.
  9. I really should wear sunglasses before reading the article to avoid my eyes hurt by it! Thank you, man
  10. Friends, at the end of February, the courier lost the medal, I am very angry! I made a claim, but I am still very sad. Until this morning, I received a text message and the medal was sent to me! But before that, I bought a similar commemorative coin from a Hungarian seller. Now I have seen it on the photo above the medal bar, so I want to ask everyone, what is this medal, has it really been released? It is very small and has a diameter of 2.4 cm. I want to hear your opinion, thank you. On the right is what I received this morning. I really can't believe it, I even suspect that I am dreaming! This is the medal to commemorate the Ernst August III wedding, the prince of the Kingdom of Hanover and the Princess of Victoria of the Kingdom of Prussia (yes! That is the beauty!) This is the last time the European kingdoms gathered together before the First World War. The coin of the value of three marks issued at that time Ernst August Christian Georg,1887年11月17日—1953年1月30日 Victoria Louise Adelaide Matilda Charlotte;1892年9月13日-1980年12月11日 Unintentional discovery! I still have photos of it! a group of bars Auguste II exiled the Vienna wedding medal, and I have never seen it worn. I once found it in a very old post, but only two people discussed it.
  11. If it is not torn, I think most people can't afford it unless they go to the bank. .
  12. Although God did not unify the language of the world, it enabled us to create one brilliant civilization after another. I am very happy that this friend from Netherland can understand what I mean. thank you
  13. Dear collectors, I usually don't collect medal bars. But if the price is low enough, I will also collect them. I currently only have three medal bars. What I want to know is that after their masters get the medals, they will be made up of this. If they win the medal again, they can apply for a medal again by obtaining a certificate to form a new long medal bar?For example, after the end of WW1. The winner won the 1914-1918 commemorative medal before WW2, then he needs to combine a new decoration to commemorate, he can use the certificate to get a new medal into a new medal bar?PS:If you can, I want to see the separate bars you collected. Thank you~
  14. My new discovery! Share with you!
  15. I mean, can the Royal Patriotic Service be issued to foreign citizens who are not Swedes?
  16. Thank you Micke. I just want to know that the "Royal Patriotic Service" at the Swedish commander level does not apply to Swedes? Can people in other countries get it?
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