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  1. Collectors, this is the first time I have posted my question in this section. I think it is better to ask this question here. I would like to know what information the commemorative medal issued by Emperor Franz to the Russian Infantry Regiment in commemoration of the 60th year of his reign? Quantity sent? I know this is a medal awarded by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but it is not the same as the common Russian medal ring In addition, I would like to know if the medal in the picture above is a fake or fake? Any answer would be greatly appreciated
  2. Thank you for your answer, although I don't quite understand it. But I still congratulate you on getting a set of great and beautiful bars
  3. I am more curious why the owners of this group of bars can obtain the Maltese order of the Austro-Hungarian Empire?
  4. I hope you don't spend much. . This kind of fakes usually only sell for 1 RMB in China The meaning of the back: "Liang Huasheng", the Minister of Education of the Kuomintang presented Central South Cadre Training Group
  5. Collectors, I still have a strange question and need your help! As we all know, in January 1915, King Constantine I of Greece established the Order of George I. Everyone knows that this king is the brother-in-law of William II. He loves Germany, but Greece joined the Allies in 1917. So what I want to know is, was the order of George I issued to the personnel of the Allied forces (Germany, Austro-Hungary, Kingdom of Bulgaria) during 1915-1917?
  6. 你在这里收,还不如在日雅或者国内收,这里没几个人玩纸
  7. Thank you for removing the idea of my purchase
  8. https://www.nissho.or.jp/ Japan Fire Protection Association website https://www.nissho.or.jp/ Japanese Fire history you. . Can you understand? Similar to Chinese characters
  9. Collectors, I found that this group of Austrian medal bars that were auctioned on Emedal is now in China. But I think it looks weird, because there are many unreasonable places. So I want to ask you, have you seen this weird combination? Or is this a fake? Question 1: The combination did not see the combined Austrian medal nor the Sudeten medal. . 2: Shouldn't 25 years of service be side by side with 12 years of service? How come alone 3: Why does the hook look different when it goes through? Here I ask collectors to help me, thank you! The Austrian WW1 memorial looks like it was added later ???
  10. congratulations! It looks great, and it also has a mark
  11. This group of bars seems to be assembled later. After the Russo-Japanese War, until Emperor Showa was enthroned, there were no medals during WW1. In my opinion, it should be Emperor Taisho’s enthronement.
  12. I have only seen this type of officer-level Ethiopian star on the forum
  13. 陆军炮兵=Army Artillery 满期纪念=It should be the end of the service period 近卫步兵=Guardian means the person next to the emperor. If you are a French, you are equivalent to a veteran under Napoleon (but not a disabled soldier). I hope you can understand what I mean. 大南氏=His last name The last two photos. I can only recognize the meaning of one word. I am surprised that "Japanese X" did not answer your question for the first time. He is always eager to help others.
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