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  1. New discovery! The Japanese also won this medal。His name is "Yatsushiro Rokuro"
  2. Dear gentlemen, I haven't published a new article in a long time. I'm really lazy. . On the night when a typhoon was approaching last year, I took this silver wedding commemorative medal full of unfortunate Prince Saxony-Coburg-Gotha Alfred.What I want to know now is, is my original medal box?As far as the material is concerned, does it look like a fake?As well as some views and wearing of medals. Please say what you think. Thank you Allow me to briefly explain why such a medal is called a 'cursed medal'. Prince Alfred became the Duke after inheriting the Duchy of Saxony-Coburg-Gotha. He is the four children of Queen Victoria and the younger brother of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom. On January 23, 1874, he married the daughter of the Russian Tsar, but their marriage life was not happy. He has only one son and four daughters. (I have n’t found a picture of his son yet. If you have any trouble to show me, I think Europeans look similar and ca n’t tell them. For example, I often treat Bavarian regent Luther Pod and Ludwig III are confused ...)January 1899. The duke's only son shot and committed suicide on the day of his parents' silver wedding anniversary, but was unsuccessful. He was sent to a nursing home and died two weeks later (does anyone know how he died? Or did he shoot?) The Duke lost his only son, was particularly sad, and died a year later in 1900. Because of this unknown thing happened. . So call it the "Cursed Medal" I hope someone can read my article, even though it was translated with a translator
  3. This is my collection of Baden medals. Actually, I want to have a Baden wedding medal with text on the front. . .
  4. I really like the WW1 medal and the KVK honor medal, which made me feel some interesting stories of this person in World War II
  5. Thank you Enzo, the picture on the back is still waiting for his host to take a picture for me. You know so much
  6. Dear collectors, I suddenly discovered recently (perhaps I am usually too careless) that the text in the middle of the Italian crown breast star is slightly different. I would like to ask your opinions, which one is an earlier version? The eagle of this order clings to the disc This eagle wants to fly away Looking forward to your reply. . In addition, neither of these orders is my collection.
  7. 看起来是“三等第一”双龙宝星。恭喜你
  8. Oh my God! Sir, how did you do it, I admire it. I am really amazed. In China, there is a special assembly bar. The manual cost is 40 RMB. For example, a 5R bar is 5X40=200 RMB.
  9. EK2(I am more curious about how there is no Nazi eagle?)、KVK2、Saxony St. Henry Order 、Saxony Ernestine Order、Hindenburg medals, Bulgarian military achievements、Osman Im Diaz Medal、Nazi German Social Welfare Commander orders breast star, air defense level order、Berlin 1936 Olympics order、I am not very sure about this, I feel that it is the Italian military merit cross.、Italy Saint Maurice Big Cross Breast Star、Japanese Red Cross member medal、May be Hungary (the last one)。 I hope someone can understand my lame English.
  10. I. . A little dizzy. I don't know Korean language either, so the order of the pictures I uploaded may not be correct. I hope to forgive. First, melt stamping modeling Add color Polishing Still have to take a shower? Well done, probably. . Long look like this
  11. Hello, dear sir. I want to ask you, do you know about the order of the Swedish Polaris? I want to know the version of the breast star version of the big cross. .



    I want to ask if you know the age of this version is about which year to which year?

    1. Micke



      The order of the North star or order of the polar star.... in english if you translate the swedish namne, Kungl. Nordstjärne orden, it become Royal order of the North star....

      In Sweden we changed officially from fabric stars to metal stars 1871. That dosent mean this star are after 1871..  But i think it is in that time period.

  12. Although God has made us unable to speak the language, each nation has created a splendid culture. Yes, I am the one who plays the Austro-Hungarian military officer, but my clothes are not 100% restored, and this is a 16-year party. Now this lineup has expanded. Since the 70th anniversary of the world anti-fascism, many of China WW2 players have turned into WW1 players. Japan and Thailand also have some friends who play in Germany.
  13. So, will you collect the bar with the Hindenburg Medal of Medal Bar? Contrary to you, I like to collect the World War II medal bars that I participated in in World War I. I think we can see some of this people's experiences. .
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