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    HMS Hood

    Gordon Williamson

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    Well, at long last it looks like my big 1/200 Bismarck will have a companion. They finally decided to release a similar model of the Hood.

    Not much of her yet, just the beginnings of the bow section. I'll post some progress shots as she goes along.

    Hopefully they won't pull the plug on it before they finish the set, as these partworks often do if sales aren't strong enough ! I think though that the prospects are good that they will follow this one through.

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    Gordon - I will look forward to seeing the model. I will probably post tomorrow a medal group to a man who served on Hood until a few months before it was sunk. He was given a presentation photograph of Hood later in life and was a member of the H.M.S. Hood Association. There is a card signed by the last of the three survivors. I think my man was a CPO before he retired. The Association have their own website and it includes a lot of information. Good luck with the project. Mervyn

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    Well, as often happens with these models, the project was cancelled by the distributors. Thankfully, another firm Hachette has brought out their own version which is actually better quality so I'm now doing that one. Here is the Hull so far with the small initial portion of the Hull of the cancelled one in the shot just to show its not a "clone" of the first and they have gone downm their own design route.

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