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    Here is how to recognize the original UN authorized UN Korean War Medals comparing with the others:

    1. The size of the medal is smaller in the original.

    2. The top leaf of the wreath surrounding the world is long in the original.

    3. The leaves of the wreath are more closer to each other in the original

    3. the space between Europe and Noth America is narrower in the original

    4. Australia is thicker and bigger in the original

    5. New Zealand (top right side of 12.00 o'clock) is thicker in the original

    6. In the original the bar with a handle under the script Korea holding the medal is narrower in general and thinner at the ends and in it is not as wide as the others.

    7. Reverse of the same bar in the middle where the hand holds the medal there is a small mound. A line passes through this mound is thinner and the mounds size is bigger than the bar in the original.

    8. More space between the script and the edge in the original Spanish one.

    There are more in the world map but the wreath is enough to easily recognize the unofficial ones.

    The pin is not important original might be lost with the original ribbon.

    I checked the other language UN Korean war medals (except Italian) and they are all same.

    I am posting the pictures of Original UN made Spanish Korean War Medal and comparing it with another Spanish version.

    Also an original Turkish medal to show the same print and style with the original Spanish one.

    FOR PHOTOS and more info. PLEASE CHECK :




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