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Monty's orders & medals

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Eisenhower's Victory is certainly screw-backed. I wonder where/when Monty's modification was made?

Thanks for taking the time to put up these pictures, Christophe.

Thanks Ed,

Eisenhower's Order of Victory is a screwback one. Its photography is displayed in Paul McDaniel and Paul Schmitt's book (page 46-47).

In the book, it is also said that Brezhnev's one, produced in the 1970s, "is thought to be a pin-back variety".

About Monty's one. It is believed that it has not been modified.

In 2003, I have asked several questions about Marshal Montgomery's Order of Victory (and possibly a pic of its back) to Mrs Diana Condell, the Imperial War Museum's Curator, Medals :

* Is Monty's Order initially a screwback version modified ? Or has it been made initally as a pin-back ?

* If modification, where has it been made ? In USSR or in England ?

* Is the screwback system coexisting with the needle in the back ?

Her answer has been the following :

"(...) Thank you for your further e-mail on the subject of Field Marshal Montgomery's Order of Victory.

I have now had an opportunity to check the files on this. The order of Victory is a brooch bar fitting. There is no physical evidence that there was ever a `screw back' fitting.

I am unable to give you any indication as to where the `brooch bar' was made except that it would probably be a fair assumption that it was presented to Field Marshal Montgomery in the form that we now see.

My own view, for what it is worth, is that the Soviet authorities may well have been informed, or perhaps made aware, that British uniforms have no provision for the wearing of insignia or medals fixed by the screw back method and may well have adapted the one presented to the Field Marshal accordingly.

Frankly, I think you will only find the definitive answer by checking with the Russian authorities. No photographs are currently available I am afraid. (...)

Yours sincerely

Diana Condell

Senior Curator, Medals".

I again thank her for her help.


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Hello Christophe

Thanks for sharing....impressing !!!!

Any pictures of him wearing them ( or some of them ), that must be a likewise impressive sight ?

Must have a visit there next time im GB :D

Hi Kurt,

I have a number of pics still to be posted here. In some of them, we can see Monty wearing some of his awards.



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Eisenhower's Order of Victory is a screwback one. Its photography is displayed in Paul McDaniel and Paul Schmitt's book (page 46-47). . . .

Eisenhower's is also on display at the Eisenhower Library and Museum in Abilene, Kansas. Once, when I visited there (well, the only time I visited there), the staff was very cooperative and opened the case and let me hold (fondle) Ike's Victory. Being on faculty (at the time) in the History Department at Kansas State University (our offices were in Eisenhower Hall, after all) probably helped.

As US uniforms are no more fit for wearing screwback orders than British ones, part of the NAM's answer rings hollow. Yet, Monty being Monty, I suspect he made his wishes crystal clear regarding how he wanted things done. It is also clear that while Ike rarely wore any medals beyone the moment of presentation (he rarely wore all the RIBBONS to which he was entitled); Monty, being more theatrical, would surely have at least contemplated wearing his Victory.

Are there photos of him wearing it? I can never recall seeing one. (There is the photo of Eisenhower when he received his Victory but for Monty . . . ???) He would have been officially restricted to no more than four breast stars in any event.

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Breast star, badge and broad riband of Grand Cross of the Order of Leopold (Military division) - Belgium.


Badge of Grand Cross of the Order of Leopold with brilliants (Military Division) - Belgium.


Pic : ? Christophe ? ChR Collection

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