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    Some Production Models

    Mervyn Mitton

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    I always enjoy looking through this section - and as with others comments, am envious of the skills shown.

    I bought this week, a set of 74 moulded figures - 6.5 mm high. Many of you have possibly seen them since the companies who make these things rely on Worldwide sales and high volumes to make money. Apparantly , you buy a monthly descriptive magazine at your newsagent - and he has the next models in the series, which you also buy. I was told they worked out at about 7 pounds ,$10, each.

    They are quite heavy and of a composite material. What impressed me was the high quality of the moulding and the detail in the uniforms and , webbing and equipment. I think they were made in Spain and possibly hand painted there or, in Morocco - where labour is cheap.

    There are large (ish) groups of German, British, French, American and Russian - each one representitive of a particular arm of service. Additionally, there are single figures from other European Countries - Rumania, Turkey etc..

    I will show the German group + some close-ups of a few. Should anyone be interested in the others please tell me and I will add them.

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