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    This just popped into my mailbox the other day and i thought I'd share it and get some advice. As you can see, it's a Hindenburg doc f?r Eltern. The only problem is that yucky Scotch (Celotape to you Brits) tape glue that's bled through, as it's wont to do. I remeber as a kid, back in the Dark Ages, there was some way we had of removing it. I don't remember the solvent we used, and it's probably banned now as an environmental azard or ingredient in bathtub pharmaceuticals, but if anyone has any suggestions for giving it a facelift it would be muchly appreciated.

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    Hello Tom and Stogieman:

    A very nice document indeed and seldom encountered. Unfortunately, "what is done, is done". The paper's colouration change caused by the "cello" tape is pretty much now a permanent feature. Perhaps it could probably be undone by a bleaching process, but this would cause more damage to the rest of the document. Like most things old, it is best left alone. Often, our attempts to "improve" things actually cause more damage to the item and actually diminish the value that it has. Be content that you have an original and uncommon document that was carried by the recipient for a long time thus leading to the present condition. I think that the discolouration adds "character". Congratulations Tom concerning a nice addition to your collection.

    Best regards,


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