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Iran medal?


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Hi Gents,

I picked randomly up this medal yesterday and I would like to find out what it is.

I was quessing ruffly that it is something from Iran maybe. I remember green colour ribbon, what they commonly used and also the figure on the reverse looks from that area.

Any help would be great!


Timo aka Noor


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Dear Noor,

Not an Iranian medal, The reverse is an Assyrian statue - a mythical beast called a lamassu - see the 2004 British Iraq medal and the script cuniform from Mesopotamia - now Iraq. I would suggest that this is a Western manufactured piece of some age - possibly a society award or badge?

Regards, Owain

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It looks like it was pressed minted, what is the metal type used for this piece?

-Owain does it have the original ribbon??

Thank you


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