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    Classification of Colden Kites in 4th and 5th class (An attempt...)


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    • 2 months later...


    What do you think about this one? Based on this thread, I'm going with Showa Type 7 - do you agree? No case to help out.

    Don't need one ;)

    This is definitely type 7!

    And in a very nice condition I might add!

    Can I congratulate you? :)

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    Well, only partially. I hate having things without cases and rosettes, I'm very much into "completeness", but I thought it too nice to pass up. The problem is knowing which case is appropriate for it, should one ever become available (not a replica one!) - assuming latest style of kanji in silver, or the gold predecessor to that. Still, no way of knowing and keeping 100% true.

    There was a gent selling a 5th Class wrapper and rosette only on eBay this past week. I thought about getting those, but passed them up. I contacted him and the rosette had no hallmarks, so I didn't know if it was repro or not. Thinking about it though, even if the rosette had a mark (I'd assume it would have been "SU"....), still no guarantees that it'd be a TRUE match. Oh well. I should just not worry about it.

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    Congratulations! :beer:

    P.S. I think the box with the silver kanji on the lid will be the safest choice ;)

    The Grumbler - My new nick-name? I like it, catchy!


    And I would like to get a case to protect it at some point, so if a silver kanji one comes up, I'll try for that one.

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    • 10 years later...

    All kites belong to the 1895-1910s time period.

    Second medal bar (with Dragon of Annam) looks very nice

    First medal bar (with two kites) almost certainly a modern compilation /the "base" could be original by both kites were added later).

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    Thank you Nick. 

    To the group with two kites - do you tell it by the thickness of the yellow veines on the shields? I thought that the birds themselves are like showa. 


    And to the 2nd bar - can it be that the recipient served to get both annam and Sawa?

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    Ok, and the chance that the 2nd one is real?


    One more thing, have you made similar thread on recognizing sacred treasures from the exact periods? I remember the one on length of the vein on leaf in rising sun, very informative.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hello Aniki,


    On this forum JapanX has a thread examining the time coordinates for flat reverse, four rivet reverse, and two screw reverse Sacred Treasures. See https://gmic.co.uk/topic/58229-sacred-treasures-with-flat-reversetwo-screws-reverse-when-this-change-occurred/#comment-541641


    I've also seen reference to generalized dating of OSTs by the shape of the mirror.


    Hopefully JapanX will jump in on this.


    All the best,



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    21 hours ago, Aniki said:

    Ok, and the chance that the 2nd one is real?


    Chance is close to 100 percent.


    P.S. A little correction to an old thread that Tracy mentioned above. All "flat reverse" sacred treasures belong to the 1960s-1981 time period. Although there are documented groups with this order variation that are formally awarded in 1944 /and even in 1943/ but in fact they were all issued during early 1960s /post-war awardings/.  

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    One more thing guys. I've asked about it some time ago,but maybe it just went unnoticed. 

    Is there any proof that a soldier wore 2 lower kites, 6th and 7th together?



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    We don`t need any proof since it is inside the 1942 regulation.

    He was not obliged to wear both, but could wear both.



    Edited by JapanX
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    • 3 weeks later...

    I couldn’t resist jumping on this thread with my Golden Kite 5th Class. After reading this thread I’m confident that my example is a Type 7.1 Showa. The kanji on the case is silver.






    Kite 5th Class Obv.jpg




    Kite 5th Class Rev.jpg


    Close-up of the Kite:


    Kite 5th Class Kite 1 Larger.jpg


    Case lid. The harsh light totally washed out the color of the kanji, but it is silver:


    Kite 5th Class Case Lid.jpg

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    • 2 weeks later...

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