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    Classification of Colden Kites in 4th and 5th class (An attempt...)


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    Can’t resist jumping on this thread once again. This Golden Kite 4th Class just arrived today. Once again I’d say that it’s definitely a Showa bird, and a 7.1 at that. This would make sense, as the rosette wasn’t added to the ribbon until 1937, and this rosette doesn’t look to me as if it was a “after the fact” addition by the recipient.


    Most of the gilt has come off of the reverse but it is still there, and it really “shows” when compared to the reverse of my 5th Class Kite. I note that the reverse of the 4th Class is fairly pitted and imperfect. The case lid has golden kanji.






    Kite 4th Class Obv.jpg




    Kite 4th Class Rev.jpg


    Close-up of the Kite:



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    Hello Aniki,


    After some scrutiny I would agree that the picture is of a Type 5. The angle of the beak and head, the shape of the eye, and the representation of the top row of inner feathers look much closer to the Type 5 than it does to the other types. At least to me it does.


    All the best,



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