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HSU - recent e-bay sale - Original or good fake?

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Here's an HSU that recently sold on an online auciton for circa USD3.7K. Discussed briefly on another thread but the question was raised that this might be a good fake.

If there is general consensus that this is orignal I will move the thread to the Soviet section.... if not it will stay here.

Your comments gents......

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Please be aware that this HSU is up for sale again. Which probably means that there was some issue or other.


As doubt has been expressed on this medal, I would advise one and all to check things out well prior to bidding on it.

It would also be good if we may continue further discussion on this piece. Opinions are welcome.

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Looking at this HSU in detail and finally having access to my sources I would comment as follows:

First - Serial number is possibly stamped too low down - typically the serial number is written within the top arm of the star. This means that if you had to draw a line at the base of the two sides of the top ray of the star, the serial number would typically fall in or at lowest, on this line. On this HSU, the serial number falls way below it.

Compare to similar one "6980" on http://www.collectrussia.com/DISPITEM.HTM?ITEM=25053

Second - given the positioning of the serial number it is convenient for this to be "669"7. Which means that all that was needed to stamp this number are the "6" and "7". Of course there probably existed a "6666" HSU and that would not be a reason to doubt it.

I do find little else to pass comment on based on the above quality of the pics but ask for other comments nonetheless.

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