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    I have my great uncle's stuff (American 42nd "Rainbow" Division) and in with it was a French ammo pouch that he carried miscellaneous small things in. I also have a French ChauChat ammo clip bag that a doughboy used for similar purposes. He has written his name and unit on it.


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    Thats funny, we both have the same compass as captured and used by Germans!!

    Ironically, a friend in Bavaria has ANOTHER captured compass.... it is a 1913 dated one to a South African, with his name and SAMR (South African mounted rifles) After his tim in South West Africa he joined the British army and was captured in 1917, at which time the compass must have changed hands.

    I assume the Germans did not loot POWs, but thatz compasses were considered military material and were confiscated and redistributed

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    That British compass was so good this pattern remained in service issue up until the 1980s.  I don't know what the German WWI equivalent was, or how good/effective, but it is obvious that the British issue version was well thought of and 're-circulated'.  Does anybody have the German standard compass example for visual comparison?


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