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    Help identifying these ribbons please!

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    Hi David,

    Thanks for that!

    I just inspected no 7 and found a piece of tape with writing on it which describes the ribbon as from a Belgian Guiure de Guerre? i cannot read the Guiure bit clearly...

    So thats cleared up no 7.



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    1. Turkish Crimea Medal


    3. Belgium. Veterans of Albert I


    5. Sweden.

    6. Sweden. 90th Birthday of Gustav (?)

    7. Belgium Croix de Guerre

    8. Italy Order of the Crown

    9. Spain Order of Military Merit

    10. Swedish. Royal Patriotic Society Long Service

    I can't get at my Swedish sources right now, but someone will be able to fill in the blanks soon enough.

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    Thanks JB! excellent!

    It would be wonderful to know what the last 2 are for... :)

    I thought the Turkish crimean war medal ribbon was familiar..you do mean the English medal, right?

    As for the swedish royal patriotic society long service...is this a military decoration? as i have larger versions of the same ribbon and one long one for a Neck order.

    If your Swedish source want these ribbons they are welcome to them!

    As for the rest i will keep the turkish crimean but am offering the others to any one who needs them....( they must have the medals or be a collector of these countries)



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    4. Sweden. Pro Patria Society.

    The Swedish Pro Patria Society and Royal Patriotic Society issues semi-official medals for long and faithful service.

    Actually, no. 8 could also be the Danish Pro Dania medal and no. 9 the Danish long service medal (although the buckle on the smaller no. 9 is definitely Spanish)


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    • 2 weeks later...

    Thanks Great Dane!

    Nobody want these ribbons???

    FREE to a good home!



    PS anyone identify the #2 ???


    Two very nice 1914/15 star ribbons have arrived and one of them already graces a star that was waiting for it. I'll give Tony the other piece when I see him.

    I still haven't received it, but some W?rttemberg ribbon will be on its way to you asap.

    Many thanks and best regards from Germany,


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