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Imperial Bulgarian belt buckle


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Hi to all,

I just picked up this Imperial Bulgarian Belt Buckle apparently from the reign of Tsar Boris III, I'm curious to know if anyone knows what the initials stand for? I would guess it would be in cyryllic and so would be V and Y. My wife is at work, and I guess I should have run it past her as she is fluent in Russian/Bulgarian, but anyway if anyone can help it would be appreciated.

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It looks like early post WW2 ..Peoples' Militia buckle

H, the Bulgarian eqivalent of N,. is Initial for Narodna (Peoples')

M is initial for Militia

Bulgaria Royal/Kingdom Police items had the Initials DP

D is initial for the Bulgarian word Durzavna (not sure about the spelling) which means Governments'

P is initial for Police

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