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Photo of Saxon Oberst before the WW1

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This morning I have just received this nice photo of General Karl Leimbach (1854-1921). It takes me a couple of hour to identify him positively.

This photo has been taken between 1901 and 1904. Indeed, in 1904, Leimbach received the officer cross of Albert without swords.

Leutnant : 30 01.1874

Oberleutnant : 01.04.1881

Hauptmann : 01.04.1887

Major : 24.03.1896

Oberstleutnant : 20.04.1900

Oberst : 24.04.1903

z.D. 31.05.1906

Char. Generalmajor : 20.03.1911

a.D. : 20.03.1920

He received the following awards :

Knight cross 1st class of Merit Order of Saxe : 20.04.1901

Commander cross 2nd class of Albert of Saxe : 24.05.1909

Officer cross of Albert of Saxe : 06.08.1904

War service cross of Saxe : 23.05.1916

25 long service medal of Saxe : 03.11.1897

Cross 3rd class of Red Eagle Order of Prussia : 11.09.1903

Cross 4th class of Red Eagle Order of Prussia : 23.11.1899

Cross of 2nd class of Crown Order of Prussia : 01.07.1911

Centenay medal : 22.03.1897

Knight cross of the Order of the Wurttemberg Crown : 13.09.1899

During the war he was the commander of the Landwehr Bezirk II Leipzig.


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Hi Christophe,

I suppose this pic shows him as regimental commander of IR 134 :love: before October 1903. In this month he led the Regiment to his new garrison town Plauen. He had a son - Hans - who was also an officer in IR 134, St. Henry KC 1916, killed 1919 in Chemnitz.

Gruß Stefan

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