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A Couple of New RPR Acquisitions

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First, let me apologize for my absence; I see the Romanian section is now mixed with other Eastern Bloc States. I had reached a "lull" with the Romanian collection- just couldn't find anything available- and concentrated on other collections for awhile. I have, however, come by a couple of new and (for me) exciting pieces I thought I would share. The first is one for which I've been looking for quite some time (just ask Kevin). It's a badge "For Merit in the Border Guard" from the RPR period. I managed to get a numbered variant and, while it does have some "character" marks on it, it has taken a predominant position in my collection. I have added it to my Romanian Gallery- have a look when you get the chance.

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This next badge is one I've never seen before and must be fairly rare. It's an "Honoured Radioman" badge from the RPR period. It is numbered and nearly identical to it's Soviet counterpart. I feel quite fortunate to have stumbled across both of these gems.

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Hi Greg, :love:

(Happy New Year by the way,)

congratulations on obtaining these two nice R.P.R. pieces.

I have been informed the Romanian section will be re-instated if more interest is shown,

I was absent a bit myself from the Forum because of health issues but am now on the mend

and hope to be adding more items of Romanian interest A.S.A.P.

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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Ok, ok, I know I said "a couple...", but I thought I'd try to squeeze another one in here before starting another thread. The RSR variation of the badge is the only version I had seen, and I did not think this badge existed in an RPR version until now. Well, here it is, the "For Militia Merit" RPR badge. The only differences between this RPR variation and RSR variations are the State Seal and the screw back.

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