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Brief Guide to SD Jacket pattern evolution from 1901 to 1920's

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Hope this is of interest,

RACD Pattern 5081/1901 13-Aug-01 Approval of First Pattern SD Jacket

Service Dress Introduced as an order of dress with AO 10 Jan. 1902.

Characteristics: Single Hook and Eye at collar, false pleat in back, Lining at breast has semi- circular fabric (usually Linen), removable shoulder straps





5081a/1902 26-Feb-02 Modification of Pattern (collar reduced by 1 inch)

5081b/1902 1-Dec-02 Modification of Pattern (pleat at back removed)


5081c/1903 29-Jul-03 Modification of Pattern--(Shoulder Cord added, two hook and eyes at collar)



5081d/1904 30-Nov-04 Modification of Pattern (fixed Shoulder Straps)


Externally this is the way the jacket would looked through the Great War.


5081e/1906 29-Aug-06 Modification of Pattern (ID card pocket removed)


The change from Circular to Rectangular Lining pieces is not known and example of this pattern with circular lining pieces can be found.


5081f/1908 16-Jul-08 Administrative Change (all corded Jackets to be turned in and only metal titles worn).

All Patterns of jackets were commonly worn concurrently as late as 1908.


Simplified Oct-Nov 1914 Modification of Pattern

Characteristics of Simplified Jackets included plain breast pocket and single back piece.

UK made example




Lining as of earlier types

US made Example


Lining in Khaki Twill and IAW pattern 8407/1915


8407/1915 5-Jun-15 Modification of Pattern (common Wartime Jacket)

Major modification included the Breast lining now being a single piece of material—Early usually Linen and later cotton.


later made examples had various cloth on the pockets and not just white on non bleached.


9739/1917 6-Nov-17 Modification to Fabrication Instructions (all Machine Sewn)


3065/1918 20-Aug-18 Committee approved change

Although no details were found for this pattern change—many detail changes started to occur as early as 1917 when pocket material can be found in khaki material and such details as facings and stitch lines might be absent.


3473/1921 26-Feb-21 New Revised Pattern (commonly called the Pattern 22)


10318/1929 Sep-29 Jackets ORs, Highland and Scottish Regiments

No OR,s Highland pattern SD Jacket was made by the RACD until this pattern

Joe Sweeney

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So a "naked" jacket with a LG is in order?

From my googling over the past year or so there seems to be more canadian than British jackets, and sometimes some Polemic about the color in these canadian jackets (which are apparently cheaper than the British ones... what would you advise a "i just need one classic piece" kinda guy, as opposed to someone who needs all the variations?



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