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Czechoslovakia - Order of Republic - 1 st type


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Hello all,

here are photos of Czechoslovakian Order of Republic ( Řád Republiky in Czech ). This is the first type of this order, which was ordered between years 1951 and 1960. This first type could by recognised by letters ČSR on the back side of the order. (ČSR means Československá republika - Republic of Czechoslovakia). This order was ordered for merit of the state, to the best workers, artists and politicians.

This one, from my collection was ordered in 1952 to a coalminer. It is made from silver with enamels and golded. In my opinion this is one of the prettiest medals of communist Czechoslovakia.

Front side


back side


Order box and plates of order book


And opened




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Official photography of the decorated man from book which was given to all awarded person. He is wearing uniform of coalminers and under photo is written : Rudolf Lorenc ( his name ) coalminer from mine Centrum ( name of the mine ) Dolní Jiřetín ( name of the town, where the mine is ).


And photo of this book named Vyznamenání nejlepších pracovníků na hradě Pražském which means Awarding of best workers on Prague castle.



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Good day. Very rare order, especially in original box and with original document and presentation book. I have the same book in complect of one women awarded with Rad Prace CSR emission.

Please can you post better scans of marking! It's Zukov or Karnet a Kisely?

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It is Karnet Kysely. What year of presentation book do you have? I want to have ZUKOV version too, but it is little bit expensive to have two same orders only with different small marking. And I dont have third version of Rad Republiky wtih document. So I rather buy this one.

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