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    Not from yesterday's fleamarket, but two weeks ago.

    The inscription on that photo-postcard is printed with the picture (at least I think so).

    IPB Image

    I have my difficulties to read the text.

    First word is "Zum .." the I can read "Bataillonskommandeur"

    Signature ?? "Wilhelm Craft" ???

    Close-up from the man:

    IPB Image

    What is the cross next to the IC 1st class ?

    The back is also interesting:

    IPB Image

    What unit was "K.S. Karab.Regt." - K?niglich S?chsisches ??

    The sender was a Offiziers-Stellvertreter Gustav Nitze, send the letter to his wife and told her that he has got no mail since the 30th december 1917.

    Any help is highly appreciated, as always.


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    What unit was "K.S. Karab.Regt." - K?niglich S?chsisches ??

    the k?nigl.-S?chs. Karabinier-Regiment (2. schweres) was a Saxon "heavy" cavalry regiment analogous with a Prussian K?rassier Regiment. Formed on the 1st of November 1849 as the 3. Reiter-Regiment it took it's final title on the 23rd of April 1876.

    At the time the card was sent the regiment was serving as a Kavallerie-Sch?tzen-Regiment (dismounted cavalry rifle regiment) in the East in the Dvina (D?na) sector. It moved to Finland in March 1918.



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