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...and this is what I received. Difference was 6 catalogue numbers, prize was the same.

When I wrote them "warm email", the answer was:

"I am sorry that we have made a mistake with your order and it is a mystery for me too."

They offered me item return and money back. But I offered them to contact second buyer, who also received wrong item.

I received second email with completely different answer:

"My employer has switched your ordered number to the one you get because he dont see a difference (he is not a collector) and thought he did the right thing for you. He did that because your original ordered item number was sold before you has ordered it."

For me this kind of attitude is completely disgusting, I don´t know how is it for you. Maybe you think I am doing too much loud for nothing, but - would you be happy to order nice looking EK2 WS marked and receive - in the same prize - something that doesn´t look so good, although it is WS marked too? I think no.

All I want to know now is, if I should use return policy, or to leave this piece in my collection. All I don´t like on it is deep flaw on the top of the button, which can be seen from both sides. There is no scratch on the gilt, which means it was not caused by wearer. The other question mark is missing gilt between the swords (it can be slightly seen on the pic). The piece originally ordered by me had nothing like this as well as no other godet button I have in my collection.

Thank you for your opinions.

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Thanks Chris, that´s the prevailing feeling of mine - to not make compromises in my hobby, I have them enough in my job.

But...you know, I am also Godet addict, so I want to know first - original or fake?


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