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    If you say he's Bavarian, then he belonged to a pre-1916 field artillery unit. The open buckle, sabre, leather re-inforced "Hosen" all point at his being part of a mounted unit. The Bavarian field artillery units wore -spikes- on their leather "Helms" until 1916, when the artillery ball favored by Prussia, et al was introduced into regulations and quickly replaced in turn for field use by the steel helmet.

    Also, he's wearing the out-moded short barreled Reichsrevolver which saw a great deal of service during the war. The newly introduced P08 usually went to the premier units, and the "Reichsrevolvers" tended to be relegated to reserve or behind the lines units as time went on.

    The Bavarians had 12 (if I recall correctly) field artillery units, so without a clear view of a shoulder strap or other indicator, that's the best I can do for you.

    Chip, anything else in the photo that stands out to your eye?


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    The bavarian M-1886 helmet was used for other ranks bavarian cavalry, train, foot and field artillery through 1915. This included a squared visor, cross spikebase and a fluted spike. The bavarian infantry and pioneers had worn this style helmet too until the M-1896 pattern was introduced, which parroted the prussian-style other ranks helmet with round spikebase, rounded visor trim and unfluted spike. The prussians (and everyone else; except the bavarians) introduced the painted grey (kriegsmetal) fittings on the other ranks helmets in September 1915. The bavarians followed suit in November 1915, except only the cavalry still retained the M-86 helmet for other ranks. Train and artillery now wore the M-1896 style helmet in kriegsmetal, and on April 6, 1916, KMVOBI Nr. 17 the kugel was adopted for the field and foot artillery helmets.


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    I vote for RFAR circa 1915. I say that because of the Reichsrevolver and the Bavarian wartime style cuffs on the tunic. Dave is right about the Bavarian artillery sword (slot in the handle for the Faustriemen). Good eye Dave!


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