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    WWI - WWII Belgium mini bar

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    Hi Guys,

    What you think about?

    Hello Otto,

    Interesting group of miniatures to a Belgian army officer who rose through the ranks. He fought in WW1 from the start of the war and went into the resistance during WW2.

    For the sake of completion, here's what they are, from left to right :

    1. Order of the Crown, Commander class (lacking its centre medallion)

    2. Officer in the Order of Leopold II, pre-1951 unilingual type

    3. WW1 War Cross (Croix de Guerre), probably lacking one or more ribbon devices but that is not uncommon with Belgian miniatures

    4. The Yser Cross (1930's substitute for the Yser Medal ... quite rare as a miniature !)

    5. War Commemorative Medal 1914-1918, probably missing a few front service ribbon bars, again not uncommon with miniatures

    6. WW1 Interallied Victory Medal

    7. WW2 Commemorative Medal with crossed sabres device

    8. WW2 Armed Resistance Medal

    9. Military Cross, 2nd class (long service as an officer)

    I suspect the Order of the Crown and of Leopold II would both have been awarded with crossed swords on the ribbon to indicate the recipient was a WW1 veteran. As the recipient served in both world wars but "only" has the 2nd class Military Cross, it's reasonably certain he started as a soldier, became a NCO and finally got a commission as officer.

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