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We have had a Führerschein thread so in conjunction with that please feel free to add any Luftwaffe licenses that you have in your collections be they Bordschützenschein, Rollschein, Bordfunkerschein, Fallschirm-Prüfschein etc etc.

To get the ball rolling here are three to a member of LLG-1 & TG-1. They are the Luftwaffen-Bordwartschein which has a lovely photo of the airman wearing his awards, his Luftwaffen-Bordschützenschein and his Rollschein with Ju-52 qualification noted inside.

Huebner (11)_final.jpg

Huebner (14)_final.jpg

Huebner (15)_final.jpg

Huebner (16)_final.jpg

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Luftwaffenbordfunkerschein of the later Nachtjagd KC winner Kurt Bundrock.

Bordfunker of Reinhold Knacke KC.&EL., Wilhelm Beier KC., and Werner Streib KC.&EL.&SW.

(who also signed this license two times).

Best regards


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Examples of a civil glider license, a civil pilots license and a military pilots license for someone who flew He-59 Air-Sea Rescue aircraft at the start of the war and then from 1943 flew glider towing aircraft with 1./VK(S) 4 and 3./Schleppgruppe 2.

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