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    1 more.. Sorry, no need to translate the inventory...


    It would seem that your man served with Infanterie-Regiment 120 from October 1898, probably for two years as required by most men who were mustered, and rejoined the army on 4 August 1914 on mobilisation.

    Page 1 with his personal details ("Nationale") will give you his place and date of birth and peacetime occupation, among other details. He was probably in his late 30ies by the end of the war and received the EK2 on 26 December 1915 (a late Christmas present, perhaps) and the W?rttemberg Silver Merit Medal (date obscured).

    One Soldbuch looks as though it dates from his pre-war service and the other will probably be one he received when he rejoined in August 1914 (or later if it was replaced). The issue date of the Soldbuch will be at the bottom of page 2.

    Any dated stamps or entries relating to vaccinations, promotions, training, assignments, pay received, hospitalisation and leave will tell you more about what he did and the units he served with throughout the war.

    He was in various hospitals from early to mid 1918 and then transferred to a convalescent squadron of Train-Ersatz-Abteilung Nr. 15 (a supply replacement unit) in Strassburg. He was discharged to Heidenheim in November 1918.


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