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I have one that's missing the tie-cord, and doesn't have any markings on it. Erich,you have a very nice one and the markings are the icing on the cake.

It seems the Simon brothers were in the cloth/clothing business, with their plant located near the Saxon-Bohemian border. The green bottle may have been made by another firm, and only the cover made by Gebr. Simon. Glass bottles were still being blown by old fashioned lung power at that time, and blown into wooden molds. My father's mother's father owned and operated the third largest bottle making plant in the Germany during the war and until his death in 1927. Most of what he produced was green bottles for wine being bottled in the nearby Moselle region. As an aside, Moselle wines are typically bottled in green glass, while other wines are bottled in clear or brown bottles. The plant was eventually "renovated" by the Allies in 1942, courtesy a few misplaced bombs and the firm and plant never recovered afterwards. Prior to 1914, he had 250 full time workers in his plant and was producing upwards of five million bottles per year.

The location of the Gebr. Simon firm on the eastern rather than western side of Germany tends to suggest the green bottles probably were not being made in his plant.

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