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The QSA Medal - All 26 Bars and All Reverses

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On 22/07/2013 at 18:09, QSAMIKE said:

I have posted this in another form and have been asked to post it here for your information and fun.....


Good Evening Gentlemen......

Just got this frame back from a local museum that I had loaded it to for one of their display's......

I broke the Plexiglas that I had in the frame and this is the first time that I have had a chance to get some photo's without the glare......

Thought I would share.....




QSA DISPLAY 001 (500x331).jpg

QSA DISPLAY 002 (438x500).jpg

QSA DISPLAY 003 (455x500).jpg

Q.S.A. MEDALS 019 (209x500) (2).jpg

Still speechless.


Hi Mike

is the QSA wish list still the same?





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Good Evening Tony.......

Yes the list is still the same......   I missed one to HMS Widgen was over bid by 10 Pounds.......  The ones with numbers and names are all SAC......    I have picked up some Canadian medals and also found a group to my Great Uncle which was thought to be lost........

Thanks for keeping your eyes open for me.......  Mike


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