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Bayern Armeedenkzeichen 1866 (Austria Cross)

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Another Bavarian medal with very little "internet presence"; it's only been mentioned a couple times deep in a couple GMIC threads, usually talking about an 1870 or earlier bar or kette.

From a Google search (dealer site): "The decoration was instituted by King Ludwig II on 25 August 1866 ‘as a commemoration of this year’s campaign, for all those who took part and whose efforts placed them in danger (‘zum Andenken an den Feldzug dieses Jahres für alle diejenigen, welche denselben mitgemacht und an seinen Strapazen und Gefahren teil genommen haben’). The decoration was awarded to those who fought in the Austro-Prussian war of 1866 in which Bavaria, like other south German states, was allied with Austria."

A neat little cross in my opinion (need to find a ribbon).

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A nice and often overlooked award. I got my first one from a friendly member here, but recently got another one in a group... just to realize there are two variants, most notably are lions - one has skinnier and the other more builded arms and legs, but there are differences on averse, ring and loop too. The medal with skinny lion is also thinner. (the later has replacement ribbon, unfortunately).

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