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Latest find - small group to Terrence Leon Boyer USN

army historian

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This is my latest find - at an Antique Show here in Humboldt County. 6 pre-WW2 ratings, and 2 WW2 ratings. Came with a 8" x 10" framed color photograph of the USS Clark DD-361, two liberty passes to Terrence Leon Boyer, a 1939 Christmas menu (with list of all Officers and men), 25 page phamphlet (Birth of a Shellback), Neptune summons, and order of the day (Neptune), and 6 black and white photos. The pre-WW2 Signalman 2nd Red and Blue has a "Crow" that looks to me like a Seagull. It was nice and cheap. Captain Albert

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Signalmen and BM combined rates at some point... when that was, I do not know.

Signalman and Boatswain's Mate were still two different rates in the USN in the '60s and '70s. I had never heard that they had combined in the Navy. Perhaps it's different in the Coast Guard?


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