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Hi Guys - I have been sorting through some things lately and have come to the conclusion that I may sell off a few items in my collection. They are various odds and ends but some are items that I never thought I'd part with. One of them is the 1870 Saxon Bar shown below. Some of you may remember it from the WAF about ten years ago. It came with a an Albert Order Knight Second Class with Swords, which was ultimately incorrect for this bar.

The medals are the following...

Saxon Albert Order Knight 1st Class with Swords
1870 Prussian Iron Cross Second Class w/ 25 year Oakleaves
Saxon 1866 War Medal
1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War Medal
1897 Kaiser Wilhelm Centennial Medal

From what I can tell, this is a VERY RARE bar because of the (FP Era) Albert Order Knight First Class. The thing is, however, all the medals are there with the exception of the Albert Order. Nevertheless, just the fact that the ribbon is representative of the medal, its quite extraordinary and, odds are, no one will ever find an actual medal to replace it with. So, I'm thinking this is really valuable but I just can't decide what it would be worth. Any thoughts on what it could be worth?

Thanks in advance. :beer:

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Guys - Thanks for the replies. I was definitely thinking $650 minimum as mounted 1870 EK2s with Oaks are going for 600 or so these days. Honestly, I was thinking this bar would be worth at least double that given that he was a vet of 1866 and 1870 (fought with the Prussians and against them), was at least a Captain in the FP war and was awarded the rare Saxon Albert Order Knight 1st Class with Swords in which very few were awarded. The 2nd Class didn't even exist until 1876.

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