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    Gentlemen, if you'll bear with my ignorance, I have a couple of questions. First, I recently acquired a nice Kolonial Denkmuenze, or Elefantenorden, from Heiko. Can someone explain to me the requirements for award of this piece, and when it was awarded? Second, are the ribbons for the Koeniggraetz Cross and Treuen Kriegern Cross the same? Many thanks for your help.

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    The Elefantenorden was an official award of the Deutsche Reich during the Weimar times.... it was awarded about 8500 pieces, given to soldiers who served in the former german colonies. They had to show with their military papers that they had colonial service and then they could ask for the badge - and had to pay for... :P But it was an official award of the german state.

    K?niggr?tz and treue Krieger are the same ribbon.



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    Note that a second class example of this unofficial award was also presented to vets and can occasionally be found in mounted groups! Both classes have been heavily faked.... not something to be concerned with when buying from Heiko!!

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