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Assault badge with document, opinions?

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Acquired a group lot medals and badges in auction to nab a medal I wanted. Third Reich is not my area of collection so I need opinions and value estimates to list this badge and document for sale. The badge was paired with this document. Opinions?

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Hello Markus

The infantry Assault Badge is attributed to the maker Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid. This hollow is one of two zinc based hollows in the FLL line of IAB's.

It is also considered the later of the two hollow zinc examples; progression has been determined by the hardware used on this IAB.

In looking at the catch, it was specifically made for a zinc solid having a hole for a type of "rivet / crimp" attachment method.

One can see this catch was designed for a solid and not this hollow. Because of this, the argument can be made that this hollow must have followed the solid zinc examples using this hardware.

Here is a solid I have to compare.

The IAB Doc is the most commonly encountered but it has nice stamps and is in good condition.

Best Regards, fischer

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