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  1. Hello This example is a worn Black VMA. Silver and Gold examples were only produced as solids.
  2. I pretty much focused on one award for my collection....I guess I'm a hoarder with OCD. 😉
  3. Hello Looks to be a good BHMeyer/O. Schickle attributed IAB made of zinc. I would say it's a silver grade. Your example has the round wire stock catch. This variant can also be found with the flat stock cut out catch as my example shows. Here's mine to compare. Best Regards, fischer
  4. Hello I do like the 57 Mini-chain group...sorry I cannot help with the photo. Here is one of my 57 mini-chains. Best Regards, fischer
  5. Hello Concerning your IAB...your intuition is correct and this one is a fake often found on the re-enactor sites. It is patterned after the ShuCo / ShuCo Design family of IAB's and has been aged to give it that "been there" look. Here is what they look like prior to the aging technique. Best Regards, fischer
  6. Hello The pictures are not very good but, this one appears to be an original unmarked E. Ferd Wiedmann Design. The hardware set up is not encountered often consisting of the barrel hinge and rectangular shaped catch plate. Here is my example to compare. Best Regards, fischer
  7. Hello Markus The infantry Assault Badge is attributed to the maker Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid. This hollow is one of two zinc based hollows in the FLL line of IAB's. It is also considered the later of the two hollow zinc examples; progression has been determined by the hardware used on this IAB. In looking at the catch, it was specifically made for a zinc solid having a hole for a type of "rivet / crimp" attachment method. One can see this catch was designed for a solid and not this hollow. Because of this, the argument can be made that this hollow must have followed the solid zin
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