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Empress Wanrong of Manchukuo - decorations


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Here are two interesting images of Puyi's Empress Wanrong of Manchukuo.

She is wearing a sash and what appears to be two breast stars. These have me stumped. They don't look like the Order of the Orchid Blossom, especially the smaller badge which has a dark circular ring in the centre medallion.

Any ideas?

Could it be an award of one of the small number of countries that gave diplomatic recognition to Manchukuo?

Unfortunately these are the best images I've been able to find.

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That's the one! And the sash is the same colour too.

Well spotted Nick!

The big breast star in the coloured photo looks like either the Auspicious Clouds or the Pillars of the State. I'm guessing it's the Auspicious Clouds as the senior Order equivalent to the Order of the Rising Sun.

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Countries that formally recognized the land of plenty

Japan — September 16, 1932

Salvador — March 3, 1934

Vatican — April 18, 1934 (de facto)

Italy— November 29, 1937

Spain — December 2, 1937

3rd Reich— May 12, 1938

Hungary — January 9, 1939

Slovakia — June 1, 1940

Wang Jingwei Government — November 30, 1940

Romania — December 1, 1940

USSR — March 23, 1935 (de facto); April 13, 1941 (de jure)

Bulgaria — May 10, 1941

Finland — July 18, 1941

Croatia — August 2, 1941

Thailand — August 5, 1941

Denmark — August 1941

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But the centre medallion in the photo appears red. That said, you can never trust these hand-tinted photographs in getting the colours right.

Yes, but the center of precious crown breast star appears white instead od dark blue :whistle:

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