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VAdm Sir John Martin Ribbon Set & Tunic

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I recently purchased the tropical tunic and ribbon set belonging to Vice Admiral Sir John Edward Ludgate Martin, KCB, DSC, quite a remarkable naval officer who held some key positions during the Cold War and was later made Lt. Govenor of Guernsey. He served on destroyers and minesweepers throughout the War in all theatres, including service at Dunkirk. Among his post War appointments he held the positions of SNOWI and Cmdr Forces in the Caribbean (during the Cuban Missile Crisis), Cmdr British Forces Middle East out of Bahrain 1967-68, and Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic 1970-73 (during which time he would have worn this jacket)

The jacket from Gieves is named to J.E.L. Martin, CB in 1970 and the ribbon set matches his entitlement with nice wear and mounted on metal bars. Interesting though any photos of him wearing medals he does not have either the "N. Africa 1942-43" Clasp on his Africa Star nor the M.I.D. on his G.S.M. 62 for South Arabia, though he was entitled to both. Quite a fascinating man and career, he passed away in 2011 at the age of 93.

K.C.B. - 1972 (CB-1968)

D.S.C. - 1943 Minesweeping Tunisia - HMS Rhyl

Naval G.S.M. - Palestine 1936-39

1939-45 Star

Atlantic Star

Africa Star with Rosette

Pacific Star

Italy Star

War Medal

GSM '62 Clasp South Arabia with M.I.D.

http://www.unithistories.com/officers/R ... ersM2.html

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituar ... artin.html

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Marti ... vy_officer)


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Yes sad to see it all split, there were some nice epaulettes, buttons, mini ribbons, caps and other badges associated with him but am very happy with this tunic and ribbon set. There were no rear adm or vice admiral epaulettes but would be nice to complete the uniform. This particular style of tunic is interesting and not sure I've seen it before - open neck, long sleeve, with waistbelt. I believe I've seen short sleeve versions, would anyone know when this style would have been worn?


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What would the shoulder boards look like for this treasure?

they wouild look like this! this is my shoulder board and ribbon bar set to rear admiarl patrick willet brock!the boards are work of art in them selfs!!!!

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