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This just came direct from the Family, ...

I am wondering if it is in fact from TWO Great Grandfather... I dont see how it can be one?

Obviously the Lübeck bar is 1930s mounted without the EK2 (Although when I got it the EK2 was mounted on the Blue ribbon and the Service medal was loose)

So... I remounted the service medal, and the EK2 is loose now.

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We see the Guy in the Militärpass was from Lübeck... he served 1913-1919, was rated "very Good" and was at the front for the whole war....

There are NO awards entered into the Militärpass, but there is an EK2 document from 1917 for him.....

So how does it all fit together?

2 Greatgrandfathers groupings?

How likely is it that the guy serving 1913-19, from Lübeck, did not get a Lübeck cross?

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The documents shown do not contain any mention of the Luebeck Cross either. He served in THE Hanoverian cavalry regiment which was nearly considered a Guard unit (see Tschapka plate). His civilian trade of farrier gave him a desireable function but not an easy place to earn a distinction.. I have the first part of the regimental history. Past the beginning of the war cavalry regiments were pretty much split and used piecemeal. This regiment served mainly on the eastern front..

I doubt any anti-Prussian attitude though, the Iron Cross would take pride of place in my opinion.. The actual medal group may well have belonged to the other grandfather with the docs having gone astray.

Bernhard H. Holst

Edited by Bernhard H.Holst
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It is very possible that docs are missing and that it is 2 guys... I just wonder though if it is likely that the cavalry buy did not get the Lübeck cross? I would have thought with the full duration of the war and EK2 that he may have.

As it was "all Opa's" with a Photo of a young guy in WW2 uniform, I assume it is the complete families items and 2 great grandfathers.

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