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Hello Gents

Please help with identification of this Imperial Russian medal!

It's Nicholas II period, 1912. with Alexander III monument on the reverse, and written Moscow in the obverse. Couldnt find it anywhere, even on Russian sites!

If you could tell me rarity, and price range of this medal, I'll be grateful!

Thanks in advance!


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This is not a medal.

This is jetton.

Obverse "In memory of stay of their Imperial Majesties in Moscow"

Reverse "In memory of the monument opening to Emperor Alexander III on May 30, 1912"

These were made in yellow metal.



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The 1912 Monument Inauguration was quite a bean feast, there was in addition to the various jetons a rouble coin produced (A nice example can fetch £10,000), two medals were made by Avenir Griliches Junior, 78 and 33 mm in gold, silver and bronzehttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_02_2014/post-3085-0-94825900-1392300684.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_02_2014/post-3085-0-68027400-1392300712.jpg.


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