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    Rifle Officers Dolman


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    Anyone know what museum houses the only surviving Napoleonic Rifle Officers Dolman ? I would like to get some photo's of it for a project.

    But I am not sure if it is in the National Army Museum or elsewhere.

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    Only seen a replica at The Army Museum. What about the Greenjackets Museum ?

    HI All, New member here ! The Rifle Officers Dolman/Jacket is in the Royal Greenjackets museum in Winchester, Hampshire. It's a lovely and extremely rare piece along with some superb Napoleonic displays and paintings. Well worth a visit as there are also two other museums on-site to other regiments/branches of the military.

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    Cheers :cheers:

    I will try and get there.

    Welcome to the forum.

    Hi Nick, Great site by the way. Some of the personal collections are breathtakingly good and extensive. I am a major Napoleonic and Battle of Britain enthusiast, and I have some good original items, but I am also interested in other Military campaigns such as the Crimea, WW1 & 2 and the Zulu Wars. It's impossible to cover everything ! Do you know anyone on the forum who is an expert on Luftwaffe uniforms I can write to ? Someone has offered me a private/NCO jacket from 1939, a "Waffenrock" I believe. I need to check the authenticity before parting with wads of cash !

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    This the uniform of an officer of the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles, raised in Upper Canada in 1812, mostly from Scots ex-soldiers settled in eastern Kingston. The "Glens" modelled themselves on the ^0th and 95th Rifles, thopugh they were disbanded in 1816 before their baker Rifles.

    This uniform is a very carefully researched and beautifully constructed reproduction of a GLI uniform, based as i understand it, very very closely on a Rifles uniform. if You like i can post or PM you more photos of the same outfit.


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