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    questions on Oberkriegsgerichtsrat Riese

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    More on Riese:

    Oberkriegsgerichtsrat Wilhelm Riese was born in 1857. He was commisioned from the 1. Bataillon (Essen) 8. Westf?l. Landwehr Regiment Nr. 57 as a Seconde Lieutenant der Reserve in Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 131 on the 11 December 1884. Promoted to Premier-Lieutenant der Reserve on 21 Jan 1894 he transfered into Landwehr status on the rolls of Landwehrbezirk K?nigsberg in the same year. By 1894 he was the Division Auditeur of the 2. Division at K?nigsberg in East Prussia and had already been awarded the LD2. He married the same year - Margarete Deutschmann on the 20th of October. He was awarded the brevet or Charakter of Justizrath on 13 December 1898. He was transfered to the 39. Division in early 1899 and retired from Landwehr service in 1899/1900. He was assigned to the staff of the V. Armeekorps in 1900/1901 and his title changed on 1 October 1900 to that of Kriegsgerichtsrat per the A.K.O. of 31 March 1901. He was promoted to Oberkriegsgerichtsrat on 2 December 1909 and assigned to the staff of the IX. Armeekorps.



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